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  • white smoke from exhaust
  • engine lost power
  • noisy sound from engine
  • no ‘pick up’ while accelerate
  • wait 10 minutes or more, to warm up before engage “D”
  • difficult gear transmission/ shifting
  • oil seal hardened
  • high fuel consumption
  • engine shacking
  • get back the performance without overhaul
  • protecting internal parts from damages
  • treating the white smoke issue
  • reduce fuel consumption
  • improve climbing drive
  • lower down the temperature
  • reduce sound and vibration
  • reduce maintenance cost
  • save petrol up to 12%
  • returning the internal hydraulic pressure
  • smooth gear shifting
  • reduce annoying sound
  • no more warm up issue in the morning/ at cold
  • soften the hardened oil seal
  • lower down the gearbox temperature
  • protecting the gearbox components
  • reduce gearbox maintenance costs
  • save petrol up to 12%
  • each bottle contain 150ml treatment oil
  • applicable to all types of vehicles/ motorcycles
  • applicable for all types of engine; diesel/ petrol
  • best for Manual, Automatic and CVT transmission
  • Natural bio- oil
  • turn off the engine
  • pour the treatment oil into the right tank with the supplied nozzle
  • start the engine for 10 minutes before drive
  • the effect can be seen in the first day, optimum in 7 days
  • do not remove existing gearbox oil/ engine oil – non excessive
  • advisable to use when replacement of gear oil/ engine oil

Use two bottles if vehicle got problems, otherwise use 1 bottle for normal care.


The left-over carbon after combustion.

The carbon layer will stick to the surface of the engine components, hence taking space and distracting the efficient process of combustion.

> Let the engine running.

> Find the vacuum hose in your engine area (guidance upon purchase).

> Insert the nozzle of Engine Carbon Detox into the vacuum hose.

> Revs the engine up to 3000 rpm for 1-2 minutes and revs higher rpm a few times until the smoke emission reduced.

Best to use for every 10,000km.

No. Only suitable for petrol operated vehicles.


It is a combination of four main features:

> Serum

> Foundation

> Moisturizer

> UV Protection

> Protection cream for day and night.

> Pimple cure.

> Scars treatment.

> Treatment for skin face issue.

> Even skin tone.

> Elastic skin.

> Glowing skin.

> Wudhuk friendly (fast cleansing).

Two or three small drop on your finger tips to be applied to the whole skin of face/ neck area.

Take it twice daily (am/pm)


It’s a fresh green coffee bean mixed with a splendid ingredients such as (local terminology):

  • Misai Kucing
  • Tongkat Ali
  • Ubi Jaga
  • Baginda Ali
  • Mahkota Dewa
  • Halia Padi
  • Mengkudu
  • Chocolate

Take it consistently to cure:

  • High cholesterol
  • Gallstone
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Gout
  • Migraine
  • Extra sugar
  • Blurry eyes
  • Clogged heart valve
  • Male/ female infertile
  • Sinus
  • Asthma

It depends on the individual health condition and sensitivity. The side effect means a good reaction to remove the toxin from the body.

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